VIB: Very Important Bonobo

On August 8, 1966, a new great ape won the hearts of San Diego: Linnette, a bonobo, was born to mother Linda and father Kakowet. Linnette was the first birth of this species at the Zoo, and San Diego was the only zoo in the U.S. that had bonobos at the time. Another claim to fame was that she was only the third bonobo birth in a zoo anywhere, since the species was rare in zoos then. Despite efforts to encourage her, Linda didn’t catch on to how to nurse the baby, so Linnette was taken to the Children’s Zoo nursery. At two pounds and nine ounces, little Linnette had some growing to do to live up to the great ape name, but she was healthy and lively, and she was soon taking the nursery by storm—and even venturing out for public appearances, much to the delight of her adoring public.


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