Stop the Presses! A Great Baby Ape

In February 1973, the gorilla keepers at the Wild Animal Park had an inkling that Dolly the western lowland gorilla might be pregnant. On October 15, their suspicions were confirmed when she gave birth to a 6 pound, 4 ounce baby boy. At first Dolly seemed to be taking care of him, but later in the day it became clear that the keepers would need to intervene, and he was taken to the Park’s Care Center. The little fellow’s father was Trib, the Park’s silverback, who had come to the Park as the result of a donation from newspaper publisher James Copley. The new baby was named Jim, in Copley’s honor. Jim was big news in San Diego, not only because he was bright-eyed and adorable but also because he was only the second gorilla ever born to the Zoological Society. The first had been Alvila, in 1965, and members were thrilled to have another gorilla baby to watch grow up.


New Era 1967 - 1976
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