Starting the Next 100 Years

San Diego Zoo Global’s centennial was a spectacular conclusion to a century of always-evolving work in animal care, wildlife conservation, and meaningful visitor experiences. But it was also a beginning—a step into the organization’s next 100 years, dedicated to saving species from extinction, igniting a passion for wildlife among children and adults, and providing a sanctuary and refuge for animals and for people. As 2017 got underway, the conservation and protection of animal and plant species from habitats around the world was front and center in the minds and mission of SDZG. The organization’s vision of leading the fight against extinction was more compelling than ever, as the threats of habitat loss, deforestation, climate change, and pollution loomed large. There was work to be done—and a compelling sense of urgency driving it forward. Along with the zoo and aquarium community and conservation partners worldwide, SDZG was stepping up to the challenge, integrating 100 years of knowledge and expertise into all that we do.


Integration 2017 - 2026
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