Bringing the Zoo to Those Who Can’t Visit

Almost 100 years ago, the San Diego Zoo was dedicated to the Children of San Diego. Since then, millions of children have had the opportunity to connect with and make new animal friends at the Zoo. In 2013, San Diego Zoo Global opened the door wider to provide a kid-friendly, commercial-free television channel just for children’s hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses nationwide. When children can’t come to the Zoo, San Diego Zoo Kids brings the Zoo to them! From watching the online animal cams, to meeting animal ambassadors in special videos, to learning about what keepers and veterinarians do, this unique programming is spreading laughter, joy, and fun to children who need it most—24 hours a day. By watching San Diego Zoo Kids, patients can virtually experience the world of animals, zoos, and aquariums. It’s an engaging activity that takes their mind off their condition for a while, allowing them to relax, sleep better—and heal. And that’s what everyone wants—for kids to heal, be happy, and return home!


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